Tuesday, January 27, 2015

a little room tour

Last year (or actually before that in December 2013) when I came back from my exchange in Australia I had been looking forward to  being reunited with my own room. Spending 10 months away from your own little nook is quite a long time. In 10 months you can easily forget about the things you have in your room (also half of the contents of my wardrobe felt brand new, 'oh I have a shirt like this, I had no clue.') and the way it feels, so when the time came and I entered my room for the first time in 306 days, I was shocked with how unfamiliar it felt. Not like me at all.

As a situation it was pretty bizarre. Me getting a bit anxious and starting to explore what's in all my little boxes and drawers. For 10 months I had been living with quite a minimum amount of stuff, so I really got a need to just throw out all the things that I hadn't even remembered existed. The next day I did a massive clean up (still jet lagged and all) and made the decision that in 2014 I'd make sure I get my room to look a bit more like me.

I painted walls, moved the furniture around and adopted some of the lovely pieces of furniture that I think deserve a way better spot than the cold garage. I hung pictures on the walls and put plants here and there. Yes one lesson I've learned during last year: you can never own too many plants! (especially if they sadly tend to die in your care, even though your giving them lots of love, light and water.) Now my room feels like home again. finally.



  1. Wat een onwijs leuke kamer zeg! Lekker licht en leuk ingericht! Nice!

  2. Prachtige ruimte, met prachtige kleuren...
    Ik ben er jaloers op!