Friday, April 24, 2015

spring favourites

First of all, spring is my favourite thing ever so the rest doesn't really count ;) But here are some things that are making me happy these day's:

- Erlend Øye - La Prima Estate
this song, and also its video, It's so happy, and come on look at the guy. (the rest of his music is kind of cool too). It's my favourite song this month
- spinvis
I am really diging the music of this artist, his lyrics are so weird but in a good way. He sings in Dutch though. But I'll translate one of my faforite quotes: 'sometimes when you are not looking the clock goes backward' The storys he tells are like surrealistic, which is my favourite art movement. Any way he is great.
- flowers and leaves
I tend to get insanely happy when the trees grow leaves again, every day when I ride on my bike to the campus I have a super wide grin on my face caused by all the pretty tree's and flowers I see on my way. Also blossom is about the most beautiful thing ever. Though the flowers in the picture are fake they have a similar effect on me so I keep them at my desk to cheer me up when I am frustrated with my math homework.
-Getting sunburns
eh, yeah though sunburns aren't really comfortable, I was more then ok with being able to get them. Last week me and Tim went for a hike and it was warm enough to wear just a dress, no tights no sweater just a dress, I wasn't wearing sunscreen so my shoulders were red at the end of the day. But I didn't mind, it was like a proof that summer is coming.
-There is a cat
that sometimes walks around our house and it's such a sweetie I really like petting it. When I was still living with my parent's we had a cat, and now I don't. So I am happy to have this one to cuddle with.

I had a 3 hour gap between lectures so I decided to make a pompom trim skirt. I really like making stuff, though sewing machines tend to make me go mad, somehow they're constantly having troubles with the thread getting knotted and stuff. I really like the skirt it's so happy. If you'd be interested I could do a tutorial, it doesn't require much more skill than knowing how to sew a straight line. Also I really like this book Surrur that Emma gave me, it's full of fun sewing projects using marimekko's bold fabrics. In the pic below you see a page of the book that inspired me to do a skirt (my original plan was pompom shorts).
-Our pretty little house
Being surrounded by pretty things makes me smile, and I love our house so much. I'd do a home tour if it wouldn't mean I had to clean every thing up :P. Me and my love are living there for 4 months now and everything is going great. I am so happy with him :)

What are your favourite things these days?

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