Sunday, August 24, 2014

Self portraits

I took a few shots for this assignment. It is about hair. I really like photography, but I often don't know what to photograph. So I really liked the idea of participating in this kind of assignments or competitions. It gives me a bit more motivation, challenge and a deadline. These are all self-portraits. A lot of photographers that I love take mostly self-portraits. There are a lot of things really comfortable about taking self portraits, par example: the model (you) knows exactly what the photographer (also you) wants. But taking photos with a tripod is not that easy though.
I'd really like to photograph more so if you guys have some tips, or competitions that you think are fun for me to join, please leave a comment!



  1. Doh! I was gonna participate in this and totally missed the deadline. Your shots are beautiful! The first one and the second boat one are my favorites!

    1. I also LOVE Photography and Analog photography as you call it is so very awesome! Some recommendation's I have is shoot in not only 35MM but also other film types like 110 and whatever you can find. I don't know if you have pawn shop's or flea market's, eBay or amazon but those are great places to buy old cameras. Though you do take a chance of a camera not working but for as cheap as you can get them, it's worth the chance! Also you can ask about returns and refund's. NOW... As far as tip's for digital, I love taking photo's of moons behind tree's! Especially in the winter time, when there are no leave's! And take them from different tree's! You can get some great photo's! Also I know there's photo's everywhere of cat's and kitten's. But they are fun and cute to take photo's of! If you don't have a cat or kitten and can't adopt on, maybe try fostering a cat or kitten. To me that's the best way because your not keeping them on a permanent basis and you have different cat's and kittens to photograph! Only bad thing is you have to keep clicking so best to use a digital camera. Cat's and kitten's constantly move so you'll have a lot of blurry photo's! Plus getting click happy you get some really funny expressions on their faces and tongues sticking out, Etc! I live in a small town in Oklahoma. A very rural area! So I take lot's of photo's of the countryside, horses, cow's. I take photo's of just about anything and everything! I never delete photo's. When the memory card get's full I just put it up and buy a new one! Your welcomed to email me if you or anyone else has any question's!