Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A fruity green smoothie

I love smoothies, and lately I've been really into green ones. The happy green color makes me smile and the taste makes the smile last. This smoothie recipe is my favorite at the moment. There's about an equal amount of greens and fruit which is a nice balance in my opinion. The mint gives it a fresh taste and the banana makes it creamy, even a bit ice cream like if you use frozen ones.

a fruity green smoothie (for 1)
    - about a hand full of fresh kale
    - Half a nectarine
    - a few mint leaves
    - an about 15 cm slice of cucumber
    - half a frozen banana
    - 100-200ml soy milk (depends on the structure you prefer)

Put all of the ingredients in your blender, blend it and voila you are ready to drink it up. If the structure is too firm add some more milk, and if the other way around add some more banana. Be sure to use the mode for ice cubes first if you are using frozen bananas. This is better for the blades of the blender. 

This is actually my first recipe post ever. It's actually surprisingly hard to take pictures of food that make it look as good as it looks live. I've got lots to learn! 


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