Sunday, August 10, 2014

Why I love analog photography

So analog photography, you might know it as something your parents used to do. With film instead of digital photos. It is not the most practical way of photographing. But I love it, and for these reasons:
-Old cameras, this one is easy. I think old camera's look so pretty. Really they are so charming. I really like that the construction of these are much more simple than digital cameras.
-It makes you think before you shoot. I have a little problem with not thinking before I shoot. Once I shot 2500 photos in 10 days on a vacation. And I have to say not all of these where that pretty. With analog photography you only have 36 photos on one piece of film. And when you shot them all you have to pay for the developing. So it makes me much more conscious about what I shoot. The result is much less unsharp/not interesting photos.
-The look of the photos. Analog photo's are so charming, the colors and sometimes you have great light leaks. Let me give some examples: (non of these are edited)

-The element of surprise. Waiting for your film to be developed is like Christmas, you know you are going to get some sweet presents but you have no idea what they are going to be like. It is really exiting to see your photos for the first time.
-you can get really good camera's for really good prices. (You have to search a bit though) You can buy a perfectly working SLR camera for lets say 20 euro's or even for free if someone gives one to you (ask family members they often have an old camera they don't use). You cant get that good quality digital lenses and camera's for the same price. :)

Are you exited to start with analog photography now? Go and ask your parents/family/friends if they have an old camera laying around. I also wrote a post about getting started with analog photograph on my old blog you can read it here.

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  1. Ahh I love analog photography! I think my boyfriend and I have about 15 various analog cameras between us!