Saturday, September 6, 2014

Chia pudding with banana-peach sorbet

 I first tried Chia seed last year in Australia.  My host sister would sprinkle these little black dots on her cereal every morning and I wondered what it was about. Soon I learned that those black dots go by the name chia and that they were packed with health benefits andactually categorized as 'superfood'. 

Chia seed are packed with omega-3 (the fat that's also found in fish and which is supposed to be really good for you brain and heart). It's been used for ages in Mexico and nowadays it's common food everywhere in the world. I bought my pack from the local super market and if you after this feel like trying this amazing recipe I'm about to come to, I'm pretty sure you can easily buy the seed in your city.

So then finally let's talk about the recipe I really want to share. When soaked in milk (or juice, or water) Chia seed magically turn into pudding.  In this recipe I layered some vanilla chia pudding with some homemade banana and peach sorbet and topped it with some berries and coconut. Oh my it was delicious and I'll soon be making it again!

Chia pudding with peach and nana sorbet

for the chia pudding:
- 2tbsp Chia seed
- a little bit of vanilla
- 2,5ml soy milk (or any other milk)

Mix everything in a bowl or plastic container and put the mixture in the fridge.
Stir after half an hour of soaking, and put it back letting it rest over night (or about 5 hours).

for the banana and peach sorbet:
- half a frozen banana
- one frozen peach (cut into chunks before freezing)
- a few tbsp soy milk (or any other milk)

Put everything in a blender or food processor.... blend it until it's smooth and yummy!
If it remains a bit too thick and chunky, just add some more milk. This is ready to use right after preparing

to garnish:
- shredded coconut
- berries

Layer the pudding with the sorbet in a nice glass or bowl. If you fancy you can decorate the dessert with for example some shredded coconut and some berries. Have fun trying this out! 

- Emma

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