Sunday, September 14, 2014

Old photos, lost memories and vintage cars

If you follow me on instagram you already have seen some of these beauties. Today I am sharing some photo's from my grand aunt. I never really known her but we have her huge collection of slide film at our home. And when I was looking at them I wondered about the stories behind the photos. But those are lost for ever, all thats left are some stills captured on film. It is so mysterious, who is that girl, where are they going, who took the picture? There were literally thousands of photos but I selected just a few for you guys to see.

I love the old cars and the clothing of the people in the pictures. It's so weird how time goes by, back then those cars and clothes were modern, and now they are old. Once someone took photographs, and now I am looking at them wondering what it was like back then. I hope my grand children one day will like my photos too :P.

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