Sunday, September 21, 2014

DIY backdrop earring

diy make a backdrop earring in minutes

I saw a earring like this a while ago, and then I thought hey, I can make that. Then I went looking for a cute charm and found this little fish. And a few minutes later this was hanging from my ear. I really like crafting, but who doesn't :)

It's pretty easy to make, you will need some chain, a jump ring, a charm and pliers. Connect the charm to one side of the chain. Then cut of the chain at the desired length and attach the jump ring on the other side. You can wear it by putting the ring in between the back of your ear and the back of the earring. And voilá you're done.

diy make a backdrop earring in minutes



  1. Hi Emma and Gemma,
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    1. sure you can share this project :) I would only love it if you do. We just started this website so we don't really have more jewellery tutorials yet, but maybe in the future. :)