Saturday, October 4, 2014

Recipe: Oven dried spiced apples

Early autumn is apple time here in Finland. Apple trees are full of fruit and people who have apple trees in their gardens (lucky them) have an issue of what to do with all those apples they get, before they go off. My family has two young apple trees, but we don't get any apples from them. Luckily people that do have apples have way too much of them and it's not hard to find someone who's really happy for you to come and pick some apples from their trees. Me and my mum as two harvest crazy people picked quite a lot and in the end we also faced the issue of what to do with all these apples. We made jam, compote, crumbles, pies, cake and ofc. ate them just as they are.

We also ended up drying some in the oven along with some nice autumn spice. The result was delicious and I really recommend you to try this out! It's easy, cheap and ofc. super healthy. I've been putting some of this in my morning yoghurt and oh boy it tastes good! Also perfect for those rainy days when you spend your day in company of that good book, a blanket and a nice cup of tea. 

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