Wednesday, October 8, 2014

DIY vinyl record notebook

I love vinyl records as material, I already have made a bag and a book cover with it and now a notebook! So if you have some old vinyl records laying around, or find some at a flea market, this is a fun project to do. I really like listening to these old beauties but I also like crafting with those that have less pretty notes on them :D. 

  1. We start with cutting the record through the middle. You can do this by cutting a line with a craft knife. Use a ruler to make sure the line is straight. You don't have to cut all the way trough, but make sure that the paper of the label is cut trough on both sides.

2. Now break the vinyl record on the line you have drawn with your knife. Do this by laying the line on the edge of a table. Put a book on one side to spread the pressure of your hand that is keeping the record in place. With your other hand push the record down, it takes some force. And you might think It is not going well, but just push harder and it will break.

3. Now we are going to make some pages cut circular pieces of paper at the same size of your record. And then fold them in the middle.

3. Take one of your pages and glue it to your vinyl. Now you have a little booklet without pages. Isn't that a little sad, lets add some pages!

4. Use needle and tread to sew your pages in your notebook.  Go trough all your pages and also trough the back of the booklet, trough the page glued to the record. Make a few stitches and then make a little knot. And you're done!

Now you can fill your little book. Since the pages are round I am thinking to fill my pages with drawings of round things. But it's also great for poems, notes, photo's and whatever you like fill your notebooks with. I used a single (small record) but you can also use a full album (large record) if you want a little bigger pages.
Happy crafting!

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