Thursday, October 23, 2014

my first analog pictures

When Gemma came to visit me here in July she had like three analog cameras with her. I hadn't really thought about analog photography as a possibility before I saw how nice the pictures were that Gem had taken. As she can talk for hours and hours about photography and as I don't mind to hear about these subjects at all I learned quite a lot and wanted to try analog shooting myself as well. With a bit of luck and a little search in our house I actually found my dad's old camera, straight from the 70s. Gem donated me a roll of film and off I went.

Last week I was on a little autumn getaway in Holland (I'll tell you more about that later), and I finally brought my film roll to the shop to get it processed. Some of my photos (I had 36 in total), had suffered from some lighting issues and turned out all green, but there were also some pictures that turned out pretty well and I really like these pictures shown above.

I already bought a new roll for my camera. I'll practice some more and maybe next time there'll be less of the green ones and more gems.

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