Friday, October 31, 2014

I'm moving

Look at this, Isn't it the cutest street ever? It is a full of beautiful trees and plants, and the houses are adorable. And the best part, I am going to live there! This December me and Tim are going to move in together. It's early we know, I mean we are only 18 and 19 but it will be so much fun! And it's really nice that I wont have to travel an hour to my study every day. I will be only a 10 minute bike ride away from the campus.
Now more about the house. It is pretty much like I imagined my dream house, blue window frames, wooden floors, lots of white. It even has a little garden, with a fig tree and a little shed. It's not that big but big enough for us. There are two rooms, a living and a bedroom. But it's so pretty! I'm a little obsessed. The furniture isn't going to stay but I think we will do similar things. I'm so exited!

These photos are by the company that sold the house, so I don't own them

This is really a dream come true. Delft is such a beautiful city and this house is beyond perfect. I am counting the days... 
here is a little photo of the happy couple that is going to live there. (cant wait!)


  1. Gemma, congratulations! Separate housing is great! There's really very beautiful! Good luck! :)

  2. What a beautiful house! Love the fireplace and that staircase! I have such a soft spot for Dutch houses. Congratulations!