Saturday, November 8, 2014

Morning Vibes: The budget version of an acai bowl

Because breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, I thought it would deserve it's own series on this blog. From now on I'll be sharing some breakfast recipes every now and then with the title morning vibes. Hope there are other brekkie lovers here!

Today I'm introducing you to my newest area of exploring. The acai bowl. I've come across acai bowls all over the internet. After reading a few articles on them I really wanted to try it myself as well. I went to the groceries to look for acai powder, but left empty handed as I found a little bag that cost 20 euros... that's a bit much I think. I did a little research on the health benefits of acai and soon found out they are pretty similar to those of bilberries (the blueberries that grow in scandinavian woods). By replacing the acai with frozen bilberries I got this recipe. It's delicious... just say'n.

This breakfast is like a bowl of sorbet ice cream... Ice cream for breakfast, this is just too good!
You get variation by changing the toppings. Anything from granola, to nuts, to seeds, to fruit, to berries will do. Just try it all :)!

I know that bilberries don't grow everywhere in the world. But no worries, if you'd like to try them you can order them in powder version online. It works basically in the same way as acai powder does. Here's a link to one version.

- a frozen banana (1 will do fine)
- a generous handful of frozen bilberries (or blueberries, or a tsp of berry powder)
- a tiny bit of water, to loosen things up
- For toppings let your imagination run wild, anything from your cupboard that you think would taste good is alright (I used shredded coconut and some almonds)

oh my, these recipes that I share aren't that difficult at all. For this you just put the banana, berries and  a tsp or two of water in your blender (or use a mixer), and blend it together. Easy peasy I'd say.

This was the second time, that I made this within 2 days... I'll definitely be making it again! I love discovering new recipes and sharing them. I'll do my best to have new morning vibes for you soon!

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