Monday, March 2, 2015

DIY- foldable drying rack

 We live in a small house, which is great because it means we have to clean less and we don't have to walk a lot of stairs all the time. But it also means we don't have that much space for everything. So sometimes you have to be creative with were to put things like whet clothes. We don't really have space for a tumble dryer so we have to use clothes lines. The former owners of the house had a similar drying rack. And I liked the idea a lot, it is really space saving. After having a really crappy drying rack, destroying it, and trying things with clotheslines through the entire house, my mom helped us out and made this beautiful rack. It is located over the stairs but you can have one anywhere. Yeah you heard that you can have one too! You only need some wood, rope, screws and two hinges.

Here is how to:
1. saw slats in the proper length to mach your wanted dimentions. (ours has 2 times 110 cm and 2 times 85 cm).
2. Mark the places where you want the holes for the clothesline, ours are 7 cm apart. Use a drill to make the holes.
3. Use wood glue to assamble the frame.
4. reinforce it with pieces of wood in the corners (I don't know what these are called). To make them simply take a piece of wood and cut it of on a 45 degree angle at both sides. Use nails and woodglue to attach it.
5. Make a knot on one side of the line and take the line through the holes. Make sure there is some tension on it.
6. At the end you can make a knot or something, we used a wire connector instead of a knot (photo below). That was because it would lose tension if we tried to knot it. If anyone has a better solution for this it would be great to hear. But what we used works, it's just not pretty.

7. attach the hinges to the rack with some screws. Do the same for the wall and you're done! I'm not sure how much time it takes exactly to build it but it is totally doable in a single day even without power tools. Since it is not that complicated I think it is a great project for beginners in woodworking.
We have been using it for over a month and it is still in perfect shape.
I hope you like it. If you have any suggestions or thoughts about it please let me know in the comments :)


  1. Where do you buy the two unique hinges?

    1. At our local hardware store It's called Gamma, but that's in the Netherlands.. I don't know the exact name for this kind of hinge so I can't help you Sorry

  2. If you have an old folding table - card table, picnic table, etc. - or folding bench, you can repurpose the hinges used on their legs.

  3. If you have an old folding (card) table that the top is no good, put the frame to work & use that instead of making one, just drill holes in the square frame of the table at equal spacing & thread the rope through the frame. Then less ends up in the landfill, & you can spray paint it any color you like, ti either make it blend in or give a pop of instant color, you can also use it to display artwork.

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