Tuesday, March 17, 2015

my painting a day project

Some time ago I finished this sketchbook. To be very honest with you, this was the first time in my life I filled an entire book, I tend to stop and start over again all the time somehow. I painted a little thing each evening just before going to bed for a little over 2 months (maybe not every single night hehe) If you follow me on instagram you  have probably already seen some of these. I also wrote a post with tips on art journaling that featured some of my drawings from this book. I hope you'll have a look and please tell me if you like them, and which one is your favorite! Mine is the left one at 0:40 or maybe the more abstract one at 1:22...

ps. does anyone have a good suggestion for free video editing software for windows 8? I wanted to add some music but it didn't work out so well...


  1. Love watercolor!!! I am also learning to paint in free time! It's great !!!

  2. I love it Gemma! It's amazing that you are working more and more. I really like your drawings :D